BOXER DOG BAD BREATH ISSUES -Everything you need to know

Having a Pet dog has its set of charm. Keeping a dog or Puppy is a big responsibility and it’s important to keep their hygiene in proper check. A healthy pet results from taking your pet to regular visits to the Vet.

Out of the many Dogs, the Boxer breed is a popular and loved breed type, but keeping its dental cleansing in check can sometimes be tricky. At times when your dog is too close to you, licks you and plays with you the bad breath can become unpleasant.

Medical Condition – Halitosis In Dogs

Many Boxer owners complain that their dogs have a bad mouth odor and this can be bad for the owner and the animal itself. Vets claim that if you find out that your Boxer has bad breath, they might be suffering from Trimethylaminuria, which is sometimes caused by the wrong diet or inherited disposition. 

This is also known as Halitosis, which is the stale plaque on the dog’s teeth. To avoid the boxer’s bad breath issues, do not feed your dog foods that contain lecithin or choline. For example Peas, eggs, liver, peanuts, sea food or kidney and anything that contain fish oil. Symptoms are excessive drooling, smelly breath and spoiling of the teeth.

Some of the Basic remedies to avoid the boxer dog bad breath issues are as follows:

  • Brush your dog’s teeth everyday

Every morning once your dog wakes up, rub your boxers teeth with a dry fabric to sweep off the layer of plaque and this will get the smelly saliva out.

  • Get Regular Dental Checkup done

Take your Boxer for frequent dental visits to the vet. At times, the dog’s teeth get spoiled that can only be taken out or treated by the vet. If neglected this results in bad breath. Another reason is the medical term called Gingivitis which is a gum disease. Sometimes the dog gums become swollen and sore and results in bad breath.

  • Lemon Water or Apple Cider Vinegar Usage

Squeeze a few drops of lemon to your dog’s daily water. This will cut down the plaque stuck in the teeth. Give your dog lots of water to reduce the boxer’s bad breath issues. Apple Cider Vinegar also serves as an alternative. Every morning add a few drops of this vinegar to your dog’s water bowl and let the bad breath go away.

  • Add Carrots to Boxer’s diet

Carrots serve as the best chew food for your dog. They remove the extra plaque layers without any extra efforts and helps to build up a healthy oral activity. When your boxer gnaws on the carrots they tend to stimulate saliva hence removing and getting rid of excess saliva.

  • Addition of Coconut Oil

Add Coconut oil to your dog’s meal and this will reduce the bad breath to a greater extent.

Regular following of these tips from regular dental and health checkups to home remedies, your boxer can now easily get rid of smelly breaths. This is a positive line of action you can follow to keep yourself and your family safe and happy while you play with your dogs and grow happy with them.